City Center Market

Market Hours
Monday – Friday 7 am to 8 pm
Saturday 8 am to 8 pm
Sunday 10 am to 6 pm
Senior Discount Day (age 60+)
All day every Tuesday!

Deli & Café Hours
Monday – Friday 7 am to 7 pm
Saturday 8 am to 6 pm
Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

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About Us

Get hot, healthy foods at City Center Market.

City Center Market is a full-service natural foods grocery store committed to bringing great food, a friendly atmosphere, and a better way of life to the Cambridge community. We understand the goodness and health benefits that organic produce and natural foods can offer. We always bring you the freshest, most wholesome foods in our area.

Established in 1979, City Center Market is a cooperative owned by its members and open to the public – everyone can shop and anyone can join!

Produce. Our organic produce department offers a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, local whenever possible.

Bulk foods. Save money and eliminate excess packaging by buying grains, flours, nuts, cereal, spices and other bulk foods from our large and varied bulk department.

Wellness.  You’ll find high-quality supplements, herbs, and homeopathic products here, and we work with local practitioners to make available the products they recommend. We also have natural body care products without the questionable ingredients and never tested on animals.

Local. As a co-op, we are committed to a strong local economy, and are constantly seeking out products made or grown in Minnesota to make available to you. We offer local beef, chicken, pork, honey, maple syrup, milk, eggs, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, and more.

Special diets. We have a broad selection of food choices for those who follow alternative diets – including gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, vegetarian and vegan.

City Center Café. Right next door to City Center Market, our Café offers coffee and coffee drinks, tea, smoothies, cocoa and more – made to your specifications! Have a toasted bagel with your coffee, or pick up a fresh hot muffin (while they last), a cinnamon roll, fruit pastry or other bakery treat. And, there’s always cheesecake to go with your Deli lunch, an afternoon snack, or to take home for later!

Peace Coffee

All of our coffee drinks are made with Peace Coffee – certified organic, fair trade, shade-grown, and roasted with love right here in Minnesota.

The Market Deli. Sandwiches and wraps, salads and soups – fresh and made from scratch – are available every day to eat in or take out. We always have a selection of fresh and natural cookies, bars, muffins, cake and more to complement your lunch or dinner!

WiFi Take your food out or dine in, meet with friends or check your email with our WiFi Internet access!


What if everyone shopped bulk?
Bulk Foods Information

Shop bulk and save money, save the planet, save resources and waste less!

Learn more:
Eat organic with bulk. (pdf)
Get special ingredients with bulk. (pdf)
Save with bulk. (pdf)
Get quality with bulk. (pdf)
Waste less with bulk. (pdf)
Use less resources with bulk. (pdf)
Save the planet with bulk. (pdf)
What if everyone bought bulk? (pdf)




Ownership of the Co-op

Everyone is welcome to shop at the Co-op, but once you visit we hope you will want to become a member/owner. These are just a few of the ownership benefits:

• The opportunity to support a local business that is dedicated to improving our access to good food while increasing our quality of life!
• Monthly Owner Deals that can save you up to $40 each month!
• 10% case discount on pre-ordered products
• Monthly 5% discount on the purchase of your choice (discount applies to all non-perishable foods). Save $10/month and pay for your ownership in 8 months.
• Electing the Co-op Board of Directors
• Member specials and discounts on classes at Twin Cities area co-ops.
View the list here (

Ownership is easy!

Simply purchase $80 worth of stock. You can choose to make:
• A one-time payment of $80, or
• 4 monthly $20 payments (with a $5 service fee).

Either way your benefits begin immediately!

Remember – this is a one-time investment, not an annual fee! And there is no need to volunteer.


Board of Directors


Nate Dolan (2018-2021)
Paul Gearhart, Treasurer (2016-2018)
Shannon Herr (2018-2021)
Sharon LeMay (2019-2021)
Michelle Millis (2017-2019)
Gary Moss (2016-2018)
Bridget Olson, Secretary(2017-2019)
Darcy Rylander, Vice President (2017-2019) Lynn True, President (2018-2021)

Board meetings are usually the second Monday of each month. Co-op owners are welcome to attend at any time; please let the Board President know in advance by using the email address above.

* To become a board member, download and complete the Candidate Information Packet (PDF), pick up one at the store, or request it be sent to you from Board candidate applications are reviewed and approved every August by the Board of Directors. Voting for board members occurs for approximately one month prior to the Annual Meeting each September, when new board members are determined.


Board of Directors Explained

City Center Market, the retail store and cafe operated by MOMS Food Co-op has grown and evolved into a thriving community based provider of organic and locally grown foods.  Today, it has more than 2000 owners, approximately 35 employees, and is governed by a nine member Board of Directors, which meets monthly.  Directors are elected from the ranks of the owners, typically at a general election held in the fall. Directors are elected to terms lasting three years and the terms are staggered so that three positions are up for election each year.  And while the Co-op has more than 30 employees, the General Manager (GM) is the only employee of the Board of Directors.

This may surprise some people who are more familiar with a typical business organization and structure. But if you think about it, how many typical businesses have more than 2000 owners?  And can you imagine having the Board form itself into committees to try and run various parts of the business operation?   Such a structure would require exceptional managerial and communication skills between the different committees and the staff. Instead, City Center Market, as do most food cooperatives, relies on a method of governance known as “policy governance”.

In essence, the Board uses the authority given to it by the owners, to set strategic direction, ensure organizational accountability and maintain a healthy, sustainable cooperative for the future. In 2012, the Board established what we call “ends” to set our strategic direction as follows:

City Center Market exists so that our owners have a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable community.

  1. The community has access to products and services that support healthy living.
  2. The community has access to organically and locally produced goods
  3. The community has knowledge to make healthy choices.
  4. The local economy is supported and strengthened.
  5. Sustainable practices are supported.
  6. The larger cooperative community is thriving

Accountability is achieved by setting specific policies governing the operation of the store and associated business activities, by setting expectations for the General Manager and by setting limits on how the Board operates. Put another way, we establish that the GM will manage our business operations in a fiscally sound manner. We further want our store to be fair and equitable to employees and owners alike.  Last, we as a Board diligently monitor the Co-op’s financial condition and the GM’s job performance, while acting collectively in the best interests of the co-op.

If you would like to learn more about the Board or are interested in joining the Board by running for a seat at the annual election in October, please contact President Karissa Bakken at: or inquire at the store with Gayle.

Click here to get a printable version of Board of Directors Explained. (pdf)



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